Status Unmarried
Gender Female
Name Anila Rajeeve (Pooradam) 9495 2227 35
Address Kattalaparambil(House), Chevoor P.O, Thrissur, PH:9495222735, 0487-2345629
Religion Hindu
Caste Ezhava
Date of Birth 31-May-1996
Age 22 Years
Height 163
Complexion Fair
Any Health Problem? Normal
Education School of Eng:Mala)
Designation School of Eng:Mala)

Last Updated
Thursday, May 24,2018

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മ ശി

ബു കു ല







ച ഗു മാ









ബു കു


ശു ഗു മ മാ

Monthly Income -
Family Status Middle Class
District Thrissur
Native Thrissur
Now Residing at Chevoor, Thrissur
Name of Father Rajeeve
Occupation of Father Business
Name of Mother Sheeja Rajeeve
Occupation of Mother House wife
Brother Married 0
Brother Unmarried 1
Sister Married 0
Sister Unmarried 0
Birth Star Pooradam(12-8-5 Sukradasa)
Type of Horoscope Normal
My Life Partner need Following Qualifications
Age upto 30

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